zondag 14 september 2014


I am sorry for my absence these two weeks, but I was so crazy busy. Apart from doing my everyday things and more I try to find out what I want from live and that is a pretty heavy journey. I think it is so important to be happy with every aspect of what you are doing. I really want to keep evolving to shape my life into perfection or something close to that. You are in power of your own life, so work for it! Today was a nice and calm day, which I needed catch some breath, but I also had some time to take these pictures!
About those: I loooove this skirt and jacket! The material of the skirt is very special and feels so great when I am wearing it. I am a huge American Vintage fan for some years now, the fabrics they use are the best. The jacket was a good find at costes. It is a store that does not interest me that much, but I just happened to walk in one time and found out that a little searching there really pays off.

American Vintage skirt, American Vintage knit, Costes jacket, Converse All stars
Jewellery: Mimi et toi, Shamaz, Free People hairband

woensdag 27 augustus 2014


When I got back from France, which was a week ago, it rained. And it rained ever since, rain and thunder every day. It was not that bad, because I was working in an office all day and rain and sitting in an office kind of work together. But today was different, the clouds went away and the sun came out and everybody was like yeeeeeeeeey sunshineeee woeoeoe lets go outside and sit in the sun and sunbath and woeoeooe. Because that is what Dutch people do: every time there is no rain they celebrate it. And to be sure to catch some sun in the summertime, they travel to other countries like crazy. It does not matter which sunny place you go to, you will find Dutch people there in search for the sun. Of course this is exaggerated and a generalization, but still.. it is true.
So today it was one of those sunny days and I love those like other Dutchies do, but I have this crazy boyfriend who does not care. (and also some shade loving friends, they are kind of recalicitrant) So I went to the movies today. Yes that's a twist to the story. But I did saw one of the most beautiful films ever. Boyhood. It is by the same maker of 3 other films I just love: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Boyhood took 12 years to film, so you see the characters becoming 12 years older within 2,5 hours, which gives a fading sense of time. Go see it! Even if the sun is out!

Maje dress (wrinkled by sitting at the movies..), Isabel Marant boots, Kate Sheridan bag
Fashionology jewellery
Strarring Rotterdam buildings Erasmusbrug and Hotel New York

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Wine fields

Wine fields and a castle on top of the winevillage, about as French as it can get.
Walking around in winefields in the Provence (south of France) we ended up in a small wine village. All it had was wine caves, wine stores, some houses, an old castle on top of the hill and we found a little completely crowded family restaurant were we had such a nice dinner. I started reading the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' this holiday, and I think I was still reading the 'eat part' of the book at the time, so I could relate a lot more to it just enjoying eating good food in a nice and sunny place. It is all the main character does in search of pure pleasure the 4 months she spends in Italy. I did not drink wine though, I am the only one amongst my friends who does not drink alcohol. Not for much of a priciple reason, it is mainly because I never learned to appreciate te taste of it and I don't need it for joy or something like that.
I bought the sandals and bag I am wearing in the pictures a few days earlier on a hippy market in Florac, Massif Central. Great handmade stuff for a nice price, loving that off course.

American Vintage dress, sandals and bag from Florac France

donderdag 21 augustus 2014


Avignon was a stop on our trip through France. I will be posting some of the outfits I wore on the trip and here is the first one. This is the warmest place we have been to, so an easy breezy top and skirt do the trick to keep a visit to a city as comfortable as possible. Avignon is a little overhyped in my opinion, a pretty city with an interesting history but not the prettiest we have seen and filled with way to many tourist (look at the cue behind me..) which I always kind of dislike.

Isabel Marant skirt, Dagmar top, Ash sandals
Free People hair band

woensdag 20 augustus 2014


I am back from my super Tour de France roadtrip were I saw beaches, lakes, mountains, hills, valeys, caves, churches, castles, art, architecture, beautiful villages, cool cities and even more. Made hikes, bikerides, climbed mountains, visited musea, ate some great and some less great food and drove a lot. France has literally everything and we haven't even been to Paris.. Got to love that country! I am kind of glad not to be sleeping in a tent anymore though, it is nice being back in nature and all but after 3 weeks I am happy to have some more space. Still I love this freedom of traveling around and not being attached to anything.
On the first 3 pictures my two favorite places: Massif Central and Lyon. The last one was some selftimer fun in a village close to Lyon.

Best driving music appeared to be The Dandy Warhols.